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07/19/09 08:01 PM #30    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

What a GREAT night! It was so much fun seeing old (er) friends and many that have never been to a reunion! Alot of old memories were stirred up and can't wait to post a bunch of pictures!

07/20/09 08:41 AM #31    

Joan McDowell (Pedraza)

The reunion committee outdid themselves. It was so fun to catch up and see everyone. Can't wait until the 35th!

07/20/09 08:46 AM #32    

JoAnn Schaub (Mahal)

Wonderful time! Thank you to all that worked so effortlessly to put on such a fun gathering! It was so good to see everyone after 30 years! I love you all!

07/20/09 12:21 PM #33    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

Gee whiz Keith - nice bike! Who's the babe on your arm?!?!? So glad you showed up at the reunion. Hope you enjoyed catching up with so many classmates you hadn't seen in 30 years!

07/20/09 01:08 PM #34    

JoAnn Schaub (Mahal)


Do you ever age?!? You are still as cute as can be!!!

07/21/09 09:31 AM #35    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

Hey JoAnn,
I think a few extra pounds keep the wrinkles away...ha ha ha!

It was GREAT seeing you, it's been a very, very long time! You look wonderful (just like Sandra Bullock!) and I'm so glad you decided to come to your 1st reunion! It gets a bit emotional connecting with friends from a lifetime ago, sharing memories, stories, and just to see everyone again. I don't know if I can wait another 5 years to see everyone!

07/22/09 06:49 AM #36    

Julie Darke (Holm)

I'm with you Janet. I think we should have one every year!!! And JoAnn, it was GREAT seeing you! It has been so long since I had seen so many of you. Emotional- to say the least.

07/22/09 10:34 PM #37    

Sherrie Ellis

It was fun seeing all of you! Julie as you can see I managed to avoid the camera's all night. I saw keith on the way out as I was leaving aand didn't even know him. He ask if I know but didn't have a clue. Looks like your haveing fun keith.

07/22/09 10:36 PM #38    

Sherrie Ellis

Julie I believe that we might have some pictures of the 5 or 10 . Remember the pool party.

07/23/09 03:51 PM #39    

Julie Darke (Holm)

Can't seem to forget it, my sis keeps reminding me of the cops being called and the cars driving over the neighbors yard!! I don't have any pics of any of it though. :(

07/23/09 03:51 PM #40    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

Don't think you got away from my camera Sherrie - I'm sure I got you in some, we just haven't posted them yet! Keep checking back.

I'm starting to think we need to have a "whole class" 50th birthday party in a couple of years!

07/24/09 05:32 PM #41    

Carrie Krolczyk (Brondyke)

Janet, Kelly, Dawn and Carolyn...thanks for was so fun spending time with you and catching up on the "girl talk"......we missed you Micki!!!!

07/25/09 08:01 PM #42    

Laurie Price (Miklosovic)

Thank you Matt, Chris, Janet, Carolyn, Dave and anyone else on the committee for organizing a wonderful 30 Year Reunion. We really appreciate your efforts the evening was a success!

Gary & Laurie Miklosovic

07/26/09 12:16 PM #43    

Sherrie Ellis

To all the people who did all the work. VERY nice job. It was fun and relaxing, you guys did a good job. Janet I would be up for the big 50 B'DAY party. Because I dont even feel that old yet. I look at the pictures and wish I would have stayed longer. Joann you looked like you were having fun.

07/26/09 01:33 PM #44    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

Carrie, Dawn, Carolyn, and Kelly,
It was GREAT seeing you girls for lunch too! A very special THANK YOU Carrie, for letting my sit in "the one that got away". Dawn you look marvelous and hope that you're mom had a wonderful birthday! Kelly, I'm sorry you claimed the sweatshirt, thought for sure it was mine and Carolyn always a pleasure!!

07/26/09 01:34 PM #45    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

Sherrie - I'll see what response we can may get for a 50th birthday party! Could be something to talk about! Maybe a first for a class too!

07/27/09 10:19 PM #46    

Carrie Krolczyk (Brondyke)

Janet--my pleasure...any time you want to take her for a drive just let me know...and tell Justin if I ever want to sell he'll be the first to know!!!

07/28/09 10:30 AM #47    

Dawn Boness (St Germain)

it was so great getting together at the sardine room for lunch with carolyn, carrie, kelly and janet.i was so sad i could not make it to the reunion but listening to all the fun u all had made it feel i was there...and all the pics are great to look at....thanks for a great lunch!! LOVE U GIRLS!!! dawn

07/29/09 07:34 PM #48    

Matt Fagan

Is this forum just for women or can a guy put in a comment or two...?

Thank you all that helped on the committee, I'll tell you what, one minute it was 8pm and I was trying to get all you yahow's to quiet down so I could talk and the next thing I remember I was asking Tony Schmitt why he was starting to tear down tables...he showed me the was time flys when you're havin fun!

07/29/09 07:37 PM #49    

Matt Fagan

You know I would write something for the "guys" but I mine as well save my typing skills cause ain't no guy except maybe Crazy Keith going be checking this part of the website....but if they do and they remind me in 5 years I'll buy them a beer for it...

07/31/09 03:36 PM #50    

Janet Bosch (Taylor)

I'm on it Boss, I'll get the guys over hear to talk to you!

08/05/09 05:48 PM #51    

Kevin Balcom

Matt - When I'm on this site I always read the forum,I just fail to respond.Tell you what,if the class has "our" 50th B-day party,I'll take you up on that beer !

09/15/09 04:32 PM #52    

Cathy Millis (Strate)

A 50th party sounds great, I'm game! A party is just what the doctor ordered to take the bite off turning 50th. I am hoping it happens, it would be a great idea to celebrate it with friends/classmates, especially since I was not able to make it to the reunion.

09/22/09 10:50 PM #53    

Jan/Barney Sutherland (Janet Sutherland)

To R-P's Class of 1979:

Kudos to the committee on a wonderful, laid-back party!

We had a great time and wish you all well.

It was so heartwarming to see all of you. Take care of yourselves!

Barney & Jan

07/03/11 10:38 PM #54    

Mike Kendra

 Just wanted everyone to know that I had a blast seeing "old friends" and catching up Saturday night (7/02/11) and hope to stay in contact with as many as possible. Thanks to all for a wonderful get together.

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